An incredible island...

This country is the largest island of Antilles, its southern coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the North by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba is all about its people, its hardworking, strong, resilient and toasted skinned people.

Visiting Cuba is like traveling in time, to the past. Like being an important message guarded inside a glass bottle sailing through the Atlantic Ocean. Communication with the outside world is like in golden times, slow but possible…

The ultimate health destination

Cuba is a country that seems to be always in people’s bucket list. Villages of old cars, funny looking cabs called “cocotaxi”, timeworn buildings with historical meaning you can perceive it, people dancing salsa, drinking rum and singing profound and happy songs, like its citizens spirit.

Cuba is ideal for cycling, you can enjoy sightseeing the “barrios” inside the cities, such as La Habana and Cienfuegos, and appreciate the live coloured buildings and cars; you also can’t miss visiting the National Monument of the Capitolio in la Habana, it is a building with impressive architecture.

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Our adventure begin in La Havana, then we will visit Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey, Santiago, Baracoa, at the end we will

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