A nation, located in the heart of South America

Surrounded by nothing but land, it’s the belly button of Latin America. Here there is no room for shy, no daring individuals, adventure sports are the ultimate activities, such as scaling the Andean ice-capped peaks with your body pulsating with adrenaline.

There is a distinctive point this nation has: their native roots have persevered in a large number than anywhere else in South America and are still alive in today’s world, Bolivians with indigenous origin, practicing their millenary traditions and mystical rituals, dancing in colorful festivals, happy, alive and pure.

The Inca Empire

The Inca Empire extended to this mystical territory, you can feel their absence in the beautiful deep blue waters of the Titicaca Lake that combined with the breathtaking glaciers create a kind of sacred place, where ancient civilizations lived and practice their unique traditions.

The Salar de Uyuni, its lost and isolated salt desert, the largest on Earth, located between mountains and volcanoes; other would be the Amazonian Madidi National Park, where thousands of endemic and strange living creatures exist and are still being discover.

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