Atacama Desert came from the sea, its creation involves a global climate phenomenon which forms deserts in a certain latitude on many of the occidental shores around the world.

The desert is to be found between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, and it is rich in mineral resources, such as: copper, gold, lithium and boron.

After more than a hundred years of drought, the Atacama Desert it is known today as the driest on the whole planet Earth, and it is a magnificent and huge space that it’s conformed by landscapes, which combine hot springs, mineral mines, salt flats, erupting geysers and volcanoes.

Because of the height many people that are not used to may get sick, just be sure to drink lots of water to maintain yourself hydrated.

You can turn your eyes from the sandy lands to the heavens, and at nights admire how it gets filled with infinite quantity of starts, that seem to dance, to have some sort of sparkling movement over the black sky, until the day comes and slowly paints everything with light.

Inside the earth of the desert, underground, there are many natural and unique seeds that remain asleep, just waiting for enough water to wake and bloom. When the phenomenon of “El Niño” alters the rain habitual patron, in the southern region, the Atacama Desert turns itself into a spectacular and immense flower garden of numerous colors, like: pink, violet, red, white and yellow.

This tends to happen between the months from September to November. Making it beautiful and special.

Atacama Desert-Chile-Achiote Roads

Regarding flora and fauna, the kind of creatures that live in this arid lands, are the ones that have the abilities to survive all the conditions that the desert imposes. Some of this species are: unique fruits, many kinds of cactuses, a flower called “Garra de Leon” and another one known as “Pata de Guanaco”, among others.


People describe this desert as a magical place, unique and peaceful. With freezing nights and warm days. Nothing like it, a worthy life


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