Different experiences for different travelers

If you are looking for handcrafted tours around Latin America this is the place for you. We are passionate about travelling and we like to make tailor-made tours because it is our belief that each traveler is unique, so his itinerary should be according to his needs.

We specialized in Students Groups , Special Interest Groups and Families or Couples. Just tell us what you require and we will develop a special Red Road for you.

So let’s start the journey!


We help teachers and students discover the world through educational travel and cultural immersion. Through experiential learning, students gain new perspectives, and develop important skill that will be useful in their adult lives.


We work with segments such as: alumni organizations, museum, senior’s citizens, religious groups and pilgrimages, sister cities associations, and travel clubs, crafting one-of-a-kind group journeys.


We develop itineraries with activities geared to the needs and requirements of different types of families, so that everyone can enjoy the trip comfortably. The packages we offer can be are tailor-made for your family.

Let us get you closer to Latin America…