The youngest nation in Central America

Here its summer all year round…the beaches are amazingly beautiful, with different shades of blue you can’t imagine: Dark, light, baby blue, turquoise, aquamarine, combination of blue and light green. These waters are perfect for practicing water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, because of the reef barriers that exist.

Heartland of the Mayan Culture

Whether you go to explore an ancient ruin, relax and enjoy of the precious waves on the beach or admire the stingrays on natural spots such as the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, you won’t have any problems getting around and about. People are very accessible and kind, very relaxed as well.

The food mostly consists in seafood and fruits from the region, really tasty and natural. With hundreds of little islands of the coast, in this young and wild destination you will be able to walk around and observe many species, such as monkeys, crocodiles, butterflies, among other native fauna. 

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