A land of natural and manmade wonders

Because of its huge dimensions, Argentina holds within many types of ecosystems. This country is the second largest in all of South America, and it shares the southern area of the American continent with Chile. Houses incredible culture and natural beauty, from the classy and intense capital city of Buenos Aires where the “fiesta” lasts until dawn, to the astonishingly massive and beautiful waterfalls of Iguazu.

Most of the biodiversity that exists in Argentina is protected inside national parks and reserves, so outside the urban ambiance you can find diverse wildlife, from toucans, flamingos, and an infinity array of other kinds of birds in the northern jungles, to penguins and icy lands in the frozen south.

An extremely diverse nation

Nation of wine, Patagonian glaciers, football lovers and Tango, don’t miss the opportunity of tasting delicious wine by visiting a winery, or getting amazed by looking at all of the natural wonders Argentina’s glaciers has to offer, like Perito Moreno.

Also never hesitate and give Tango dance classes a chance, you’ll have so much fun you won’t regret it…

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