The largest country in Central America

Nicaragua is filled with a childish energy that projects to the outside; mixing the colonial buildings and rural spots surrounded by an immense amount of untouched beauty.

The urban places are all about colonial feeling. Managua, its capitol, is where most of the culture resides in museum and art galleries; however, it’s the people, streets, songs, dances and food, what makes for the biggest cultural asset. 

A “natural thing"

Some of the most extraordinary activities are hiking around volcanoes, kayaking in lakes and near islets, surfing in the popular and vibrant San Juan del Sur beach, or the less crowded but great Corn Islands, among many others.

Wherever you go, whether it is to relax and perceive the remainders of the colonial times on the buildings on the capital city, or to admire folkloric dancing and enjoy delicious local food in one of the craft markets, you will be pleased and happy.

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