Latin America, the most diverse
scene on earth...

What is your travel mood? We are sure Latin America has something for you. Jungle? You can find enormous extensions of forests, filled with thousands of multicoloured birds and unimaginable creatures. Mountains? Go to the Andes for an amazing trek in Peru or a stroll through the Chilean foothills. Sand & Sun? The coastline has many untouched Caribbean islands and beautiful beaches as you can find in Costa Rica. More water? the Amazon is the world’s largest river system with tributaries running through six countries.

As you can see, all you have to do is make a pick.


In the ethnicities is where the magic and the spirit of Mexico live, they have roots of their ancestors and they will be the ones that teach you the most. Is the home of tarahumaras, chamulas, mayans, Aztecs and so much more.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incomparable paradise, be participant in a home to countless species of majestic nature and a natural habitat that would take your breath away, making you feel the magnificence of each one of your senses.


Peru has the greatest variety of food, music, climates and landscapes. Its culture and society have been shaped by its Inca heritage and the Spanish colony. Discover Peru, which is as complex as its most beautiful and exquisite weavings.


A long sliver of land wedged between the Andes and the Pacific. Chile has great attractions, such as the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and the beautiful and colorful city of Valparaiso.


Between mountains and amazing shores, handmade cigars, old cars and music in the air, Cuba captivates visitors with its abundant tropical culture and natural treasures.


Guatemala it’s a land filled with majestic volcanoes. Just say Guatemala out loud and is the kind of place that comes out of your mouth sounding all pure and inspiring with a magical ring to it.

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