Panama: abundance of fish

This tropical nation has a summer like climate most of the time, here is always warm, gives you the feeling you should be wearing sandals, shorts and fresh light clothes all day long. Imagine putting on your bathing suit when the first light of dawn hits and finish your process of waking up submerged in the different shades of blue in the Atlantic Ocean.

Then spending the afternoon visiting the incredible Museum of Biodiversity located in the capital and then be all astonished by the beauty of an orangey pinkish sunset by the Pacific shores, all in one day!

Are you ready to marvel yourself?

Apart from the Amazon, in South America, Panama is the second green destination, meaning that in here there is so much nature is amazing. In the Rainforest Parks, like in the Volcan Baru National Park, there is mouth dropping green all over the place; many exotic flora and fauna everywhere.

The dense and extensive rainforest in Panama will impress you, even in the capital city there exists the Metropolitan Park, the huge lungs of this urban space. Panama is the perfect example of modern and wildlife coexisting in the same nation

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