A small Andean country

This country, located in the equator, on the west side of South America between Colombia and Peru, is a perfect place for adventurous people. Quito is the capital city and it was designated by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The people here are so diverse, joyful and kind; from their way of thinking, to the color of their skin and the facial features they carry; most of them descendants of the ancient groups and others, from a mix with other folks that came, like the African slaves that were brought by the Spanish conquers.

A golden treasure

Normally the main attraction are the Galapagos Islands, which are filled with astonishing endemic creatures that captivated Charles Darwin and after him, inspired every single person in the world.

Countless kinds of species of flora and fauna lives in this land, which are protected in jungles and tropical forests that create reserves that houses them, being a dream come true for birdwatchers. Ecuador historical heritage also is perceived within the nation.

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